Exploring Canyon Country

More than just an amazing motorcycle tour, the Exploring Canyon Country tour gives riders the ability to truly explore the region. Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Navajo National Monument, Antelope Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Monument Valley, and Mesa Verde are just some of the highlights of this tour. We’ll hike a slot canyon, stay at Lake Powell, and visit the historic cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde on this tour.

Exploring Canyon Country

downtown golden colorado

Day 1

Day One – Spend the night at Table Mountain Inn in downtown Golden, CO. http://www.tablemountaininn.com/. Enjoy dinner in historic Golden, meet your riding partners, and talk about the adventures that await.

Day 2

Day Two – Golden to Salida: Pick up our motorcycles, stow your excess gear, and let’s head up scenic Clear Creek Canyon before picking up I-70 for Georgetown, CO. Ascend to 12,200 feet over Guanella Pass and drop down to Hwy 285 for a quick trip over Kenosha Pass. Finally let’s pick up some dirt as we proceed behind the Lost Creek Mountains and down Forest Service roads. One stream crossing and several antelopes later we will drop 4,000 feet down into beautiful Salida, CO.

Photo Credit Paul Guillien

Day 3

Day Three – Salida, CO to Moab, UT: Starting in Salida we’ll take paved roads over to the Uncompahgre Plateau. The Uncompahgre Plateau offers wonderful views of the La Sal and San Juan Mountains plus seas of gold in the fall when the aspens change. Dropping down off the Plateau we visit the historic Hanging Flume and then over the La Salle Plateau to Moab.

arches national park

Day 4

Day Four– Moab: Enjoy a day of touring Arches National Park, hiking Canyonlands, white water rafting the Colorado River, or riding the White Rim Trail.

Day 5

Day Five – Moab to Monticello: It’s a day of incredible vistas, solitude and of course riding as we head into the Abajo Mountains, Abajo means “blue” in Navajo, and then over to Monticello, UT.

hovenweep monument

Day 6

Day Six – Monticello to Bluff: We will follow Montezuma Creek down to Hovenweep National Monument, one of the most significant paleo Indian ruins in the United States. After spending 4-5 hours visiting Hovenweep we will ride over to Bluff, UT for the night. Bluff is a beautiful small town surrounded by sand stone bluffs overlooking the San Juan river.

Day 7

Day Seven – Bluff to Mexican Hat: Day Seven takes us to Monument Valley and the Navajo Indian Reservation where we will visit Navajo Mountain, the center of Navajo spiritual beliefs.

Photo Credit Jon Beck

Day 8

Day Eight – Mexican Hat to Bullfrog Landing:  We will follow the Trail of the Ancients up to Natural Bridges National Monument. Following a quick tour of Natural Bridges we will explore the Bears Ears National Monument and then head down to Bullfrog Landing, where we will take the ferry across Lake Powell to stay at Bullfrog Landing.

Photo Credit Jon Beck

Day 9

Day Nine – Bullfrog Landing to Boulder: Deep in the heart of Utah’s canyon country we will follow the Burr Ridge Trail up the west side of Capitol Reef National Park and then head up into the Water Pocket Fold and in to Boulder, UT.

Day 10

Day Ten – Boulder to Hanksville: Today is our opportunity to hike the Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon. This spectacular slot canyon winds for 3.5m/ 5.6 km into the San Rafael Reef. We start out of Boulder on Hwy 12 and then ride through Capitol Gorge and the South Desert of Capitol Reef National Park visiting Cathedral Valley and the Temple of the Sun and Moon.

temple of the sun and moon

Day 11

Day Eleven – Hanksville to Green River: Capitol Reef National Park and the Temple of the Sun and Moon are highlights of Day 11.

Day 12

Day Twelve: Green River to Fruita most motorcycle tours would have a repeat ride on the final day: Not at 106 West! We will ascend 4000ft/1200m of winding dirt road into the Bookcliffs. Then proceed over remote Baxter Pass and drop down to Fruita, CO.

Photo Credit Jon Beck

Day 13

Day Thirteen: Fruita to Golden: For our last day of the guided motorcycle tour we will take windy paved roads over the Grand Mesa and back to Golden where we spend our last night back at the Table Mountain Inn.