Why 106 West?

As our logo says, “Adventure With Confidence”. The inter mountain west of the United States is a vast area with a climate that can range from snow to 100 F/35 C. Rapidly changing weather, washed out roads and even forest fires can quickly ruin even the best planned trips. Knowing when to travel is just as important as knowing where to travel. Having alternate routes, knowing distance between fuel stops and how much water and food to carry are all essential to having a successful adventure tour. At 106 West we take care of the uncertainty, letting you enjoy the adventure.

Why are we Different?

While most motorcycle adventure tour companies advertise an off-road experience and show a few pictures, the reality is that for most of the ride you will be on paved roads. At 106 West we guarantee a true off road experience. We love showing people this vast area and guiding them on routes that they would never see, and more importantly, never experience! To truly experience the American West you need solitude, quiet and an experienced guide. Large tour groups are not the way to see the remote areas of the American west. In addition, with a small number of riders we can customize your route and experiences. Want to hike a slot canyon one morning and travel a scenic road that afternoon? At 106 West we want our customers to have a unique Adventure Motorcycle experience.

Photo Credit Paul Guillien

The Experts in Backcountry Navigation

Extensive planning and preparation is an essential part of what we do. But regardless of how careful anyone is in their calculations, the reality is that nature is an unpredictable force. Even the most meticulously planned trips can encounter unforeseen challenges. That’s why it’s important to have someone along with you during your travels who is familiar with the routes and the region. Our team knows how to overcome the typical trials and tribulations that can be presented on the open road. Our skill and experience allows us to solve unexpected problems in a pinch and, if necessary, create safe, agreeable alternatives.

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