Customized Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Want to make your own itinerary? Interested in going off the beaten path? At 106, we give our riders the option to make changes to an existing tour or to work with us in planning a completely customized adventure motorcycle tour.

We realize that the American West is a huge area. There are people who would simply like to see more of the desert landscapes in the southwest or in the northern Rockies and quickly realize that 8 days are simply not enough. A guided customized adventure motorcycle tour can be the perfect way to safely explore.

Are you looking for a camping holiday? Camping is by far the best way to really “drive” the West. Camping tours are offered only for the Canyon Country. The minimum rainfall and star-shaped nights are the guarantee that a camping trip in the desert will be a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your friends.

106 West offers you camping-tours including complete equipment:

One-person tent

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Camping cookers

Eating utensils

The camping equipment needs space! Think about it when packing.

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