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Exploring Canyon Country Route Change

Hello and I hope everyone is having a good spring. My days are now spent ensuring hotel rooms are all in order and buying more motorcycles for a larger than expected group of Australians. Some of you may see some emails from me asking for clarification on accommodations. Replies are appreciated or you may end […]

by 106WA • April 6, 2018
Journal Lifestyle Travel

Discover Canyon Country Sold Out, Rockies Drought

Rockies Drought – The snow pack in the Southern Rockies is only at 55%. This is of course better than the 24% we had at the beginning of February but still lacking. Bad news for the Colorado River which is where this snow melt goes and then into Lake Mead or Powell from which much of […]

by 106WA • March 24, 2018
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Latest Tour Updates

  Exploring Canyon Country  – June tour has 6 spaces available while the October tour only has 2 spaces available.  My one rider for the June tour rides a 1937 Vincent almost every weekend on Roman roads and green lanes. Should be fun company so come join us!  Southern Rockies Tour – this beautiful tour […]

by 106WA • March 13, 2018
Journal Lifestyle Travel

Pone Express Day 3 Ely, Nevada

I stayed at the Hotel Nevada in Ely which once boasted of being the tallest building in Nevada. The hotel is lit up with a bright neon sign and the sidewalk in front has stars showing celebrities who stayed at the hotel in the 1950’s.  The hotel long ago lost all of its glory and […]

by 106WA • February 27, 2018