Hope everyone is having a great start to the holiday season.

106 West is excited to be partnering with Motorrad Tours for some tours next summer.Look for a few calendar updates as I adjust the calendar to accommodate Motorrad!

Having 4 800 Tigers and 5 F700’s, plus an F800 gives my guests the opportunity to try multiple motorcycles in a variety of conditions. I wanted to give some feedback on my guests experience with the BMW F700GS and Triumph Tiger 800 XRC. Riders varied in skills from semi-pro enduro riders to beginner off tarmac. The unanimous opinion was that the 700 was a great beginner off tarmac bike. The low center of gravity and small, 17″, front wheel, combined with a first gear that is like a tractor gear, make the 700 an ideal first bike. the only knock on the bike is that when it stalls it is a “hard” stall and over the bike goes. I have a smaller front ring in my bike which helps alleviate this problem.

The 800 Tiger was regarded as the better bike for riding on tarmac. As one would expect it is a bit more effortless in hitting highway speeds. It does have an adjustable seat to bring the rider down a bit. Most riders found the clutch a bit sensitive and not quite as forgiving as the F700GS. The other big gripe on the Tiger was having to cycle thru all the ride settings to get back to “Off Road” whenever the ignition was turned off.

Hope you enjoy the drone footage of Johnson Canyon shot by Adventure Bike Rider. This was our alternate route we took up to Bryce Canyon NP from Antelope Canyon. Normally we would take Cottonwood Canyon but in this case Cottonwood had been washed out.