Muley Point to Ute Mtn.

Apologies for the lengthy spell between posts. Buying additional motorcycles, making hundreds of hotel reservations, and then the tours themselves kept me pretty busy. It’s my mid-summer break at 106 West and I sit in a small village 50 km outside of Kyiv eating fresh fallen fruit and vegetables from the family garden.  Plus a bit of schnitzel, and sausage, and beer of course. You might ask why am I sitting in Europe instead of riding a motorcycle thru Utah and Colorado?  Well in a nutshell; Utah is too hot in July and in many years Colorado still has too much snow. Our mountain passes are around 3400m and in a good snow year will not be open until mid-July. In addition the stream crossings are impassable on a motorcycle during peak snow melt. This year featured extreme drought so the passes were open in June with almost no visible snow. You might think this is good news until you realize that at one point in July four roads on the 106 West tour routes had closures due to wildfires. The Million Dollar Hwy. was closed two days before we rode it and Weston Pass was closed two days after! So keep in mind that when riding the mountain west it is always best to have alternative routes.

On a more humorous side note: My Ukrainian is not very good. My wife’s godmother’s english is even less so. As she was making shashlik, a Ukrainian shish kabob, I was trying to explain to her the history of the Spit Roast Dog. In Victorian England the Spit Roast Dog was used to turn a spit. I tried to explain this to her using the two words I know relevant to the story. Sobachka(dog) and shashlik while using hand motions of a dog running and pointing to the shashlik. Mmmmm, nothing like a good sobachka shashlik.