Hello and I hope everyone is having a good spring. My days are now spent ensuring hotel rooms are all in order and buying more motorcycles for a larger than expected group of Australians. Some of you may see some emails from me asking for clarification on accommodations. Replies are appreciated or you may end up sharing a small bed;)

I spent the last week of March out in Escalante, Utah exploring the Grand-Staircase https://www.visitutah.com/places-to-go/most-visited-parks/grand-staircase-escalante/ region. I had not spent much time in this region and was hesitant to include it as part of my tours, however the region is just to AMAZINGING BEAUTIFUL to not ride. I found a great dirt route that takes us down to Bryce from Boulder, Utah via magnificent Utah scenic route 12 https://scenicbyway12.com/ and back on Hells Backbone Road https://utah.com/grand-staircase-escalante/hells-backbone On the way we will do a loop thru Grand Staircase Escalante. I am very excited about this ride. On a side note: Grand Staircase, along with Bears Ears, is one of the national monuments El Presidente Trump is trying to significantly reduce in size. We of course ride thru both of them.

Enjoy the pictures courtesy of Nadiia Synhaivska. aka my wife