Pone Express Day 3 Ely, Nevada

by 106WA • February 27, 2018

I stayed at the Hotel Nevada in Ely which once boasted of being the tallest building in Nevada. The hotel is lit up with a bright neon sign and the sidewalk in front has stars showing celebrities who stayed at the hotel in the 1950’s.  The hotel long ago lost all of its glory and […]

Tours are filling up!

by 106WA • February 21, 2018

Hello everybody and greetings from sub-zero F Golden, Colorado. Clear Creek is beautifully frozen and I carried in two gallons of frozen milk this morning. Exploring Canyon Country  – June tour has 6 spaces available, October tour has 3 spaces available.  My one rider for this tour rides a 1937 Vincent almost every weekend on […]

Pony Express – Day 2 cont

by 106WA • February 1, 2018

Leaving Simpson Springs Campground the Pony Express Route (PDX) is a wide, well maintained gravel road. The state of Utah maintains it as a designated historic route. Even so it is desolate and I don’t see any riders. The temperature climbs swiftly to 34c and the heat and silence become the dominant features. I spot […]