They say the first step of curing an addiction is to admit you have a problem. I admit it; I am addicted to a certain substance, in this case coffee. I feel better already. Step 4 would normally involve searching and taking a moral inventory of myself. I find it difficult to take a moral inventory in the best of times. When all my brain can say is “need coffee” any inventory, moral or otherwise is out of the question. Steps two and three involved God, and asking for his help in getting over my addiction. Being that my first words that morning had been “please God don’t let me be out of coffee” it seemed rather cynical to ask him to help me get over my cravings.

All of this is my long winded explanation for how I managed to pull my bike over while tightening the straps on my Wolfman bags. I guess I had not noticed that the side I was pulling on was also the downhill side of an already leaning bike. So instead of waking up slowly with a warm cup of Joe I had the luxury of picking up a 475 lb bike lying on the downhill side. This was the first of 4 times and almost the dumbest reason for dropping it. Notice I said almost, like I tell my customers; we all dump our bikes. Fully awake now, I started back on the Pony Express Trail(PDX) under blue skies and rapidly rising temperatures of 30c with a forecast high of 40c. I carry 7 liters of spare water and also a water filter. The problem in this region isn’t finding water, it’s finding potable water. I once ran out of water in the Black Rock Desert of NW Nevada. I was down to two liters and had a chance to fill up my water using my filter. The map showed a good road so I pressed on. 4 hours later and trying to work the bike thru the deepest silt I have ever been in I was cursing myself for that decision. What I learned is that when you are really dehydrated you cannot eat. My mouth was too dry to even swallow the food. But I had found my favorite riding song!